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Hello, I am physiotherapist Oğuzhan Yıldırım. After graduating from Muğla University, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in 2016, I was a naive young man at the very beginning of the road both in life and professionally. I started touching people's lives during my high school years. In those years, I was somehow very eager to do something for people with pain, to relieve them of their pain. Maybe that's why the physiotherapy somehow came across me and I made my choice in this direction. However, the knowledge I received at university brought me greater curiosity and a desire to learn more. The more I learned, more I realized that I didn't know anything. This was the biggest gain for me. Thanks to this perspective, I constantly tried to improve myself and took new courses. Because what we are dealing with is human health and we have no right to waste anyone's time. That's why, after graduating, I received training on various manual therapy and pain management. There is a saying I say after every training I receive: "The real training starts now" because it is inevitable that trainings that are not repeated, implemented and integrated into business life will be forgotten. I always try to give more to my clients by blending the experiences I gained while working as a Judo National team physiotherapist with the experiences I gained while working in the Clinic. I never considered myself sufficient and I never stopped learning and keeping up to date.
Together with my dear wife, Beyza Ergün, who is also a physiotherapist, we have established our clinic, which I was always dreaming of, called Fizyowhite, in Fethiye, which fascinates us with its atmosphere. Our dream is to touch people's lives in a positive way.


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